Who’s who

Headteacher:                 Laura Hall (Child Protection and Safeguarding and RE)

Assistant Head:             Sara Hawley (EAL, English, Global  Citizenship, Assessment)

SENDCo:                         Keeley McCleave (Art)

Leader of Learning:       Kate Roscoe (Deputy Child Protection Lead and Maths Leader)

Business Manager:        Monwara Cook (Wed and Thurs)

Admin Team:                  Taffaswa Balgobin and Charlotte Sparks


Music:                              Anna Feild (Mon/Fri)

Latin:                                The Latin Programme (Friday morning)

PE:                                   Coach Glenn (Thursday)

Premises and Play:        Dale Rizzo (Premises Manager and Playleader);


Year Teachers Support Staff
Year   R Tina Hammond: Early Years specialist


Laura Ceccarelli

Hannah Thompson
Year   1 Alison McQueen

Michelle Dean

Jayne Thompson

Merita Makici

Year   2 Keeley McCleave

Kate Roscoe

Debbie Andrews
Year   3


Ivan Pastore Alycia Ingleton

Val Rrmoku

Year   4


Jess Dillon Andie Childs
Year   5


Tom Sparrow Jo Littlewood

Sadat Simmons

Year   6 Sotira Styllis

Sara Hawley

Helen Toplis